Release 3: JMSS Practice Set - 1 + Science Reasoning Tests

Group Tutoring

Previous Results

2019: 2 students (both year 10) - 1 entered JMSS and the other entered EBSS.


How it works?

A tutoring program catered towards the needs of the student when applying for selective schools. In group lessons, I will focus on identifying the weaknesses of the student. Which I will then build upon during the lessons in preparation for the exam. 



The students will learn all the content based on a given time frame. The structure is weekly content lessons. Practice tests are also provided and done during lessons in preparation for the entrance exam. Homework is provided and checked to improve key skills. Interview preparation is also available once the student has received an offer.



State Library or any library along the Pakenham/Cranbourne line.



Individual Lessons: $30 p/h 

Group tutoring is also available. 




Instagram: @jaycebatallones

Facebook: Jayce Batallones