Release 3: JMSS Practice Set - 1 + Science Reasoning Tests

EBS Exam Checklist

Checklist for EBS Entrance Exam 2020 +

By Jayce Batallones – EBSS Class of 2019


  1. Financial Mathematics - simple interest
  2. Algebra - Factorising, Expanding
  3. Surds & Indices - Index laws, Rationalising Denominators, Negative Fractional Powers 
  4. Simultaneous Equations & Inequations- Substitution, Elimination   
  5. Linear Relationships - Gradient formula, Distance, Midpoint,
  6. Non-linear relationships - Binomials
  7. Rates and Proportion - Direct Proportion, Indirect Proportion, Conversion: percentage to ratio
  8. Trigonometry - Pythagoras’ Theorem, Unit Circle, Exact Values
  9. Mensuration - All 2D & 3D Area, Surface area and Volume equations
  10. Geometry - Angles of shapes (square, triangles and circle ship , parallel lines
  11. Statistics - Interquartile range, Range, Average, Median, Mean, Mode  
  12. Probability - Venn diagrams, Tree Diagrams
  13. Polynomials - Division, Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem
  14. Functions and Logarithms - basic questions with log 10 
  15. Circle Geometry - 9 Theorem
  16. Kinematics - time at which 2 objects meet


Verbal Reasoning [Knowledge in English Language Unit 1&2]

Word Classes

  1. Vocabulary
    1. Wide vocabulary (synonyms and antonyms are asked a lot)
      1. Antonyms and synonyms
      2. Definitions
    2. Relation between words
      1. __ is to __ as __ is to __
    3. Finding two statements which strongly suggest _
    4. Interpretation


Reading Comprehension

  1. Grammar
    1. Nouns
    2. Verbs
    3. Adjectives
    4. Adverbs
    5. Conjunctions
    6. Preposition
    7. Determiners
    8. Interjections
  2. Correcting sentences – punctuation and grammar
  3. Key points within paragraphs
  4. Definition of a word from a paragraph




Science Reasoning

  1. Biology
    1. Cells - Organelles
    2. Photosynthesis
    3. Ecosystems – food chains and food webs
    4. Nervous system
    5. The body


  1. Chemistry
    1. First 20 elements
    2. Periodic Table Groups
    3. Organic molecules
    4. Valence Electrons
    5. Reactions between elements - finding precipitation


  1. Physics
    1. Laws of motion distance/time = speed
    2. Heat
    3. Weight
    4. Pulleys
    5. Gears - rotation between multiple
    6. Circuits – Diagram


  1. Experimental Design Interpretation
    1. X axis is usually time
    2. Variables
      1. Independent
      2. Dependent
  • Control
  1. Precision
  2. Accuracy
  1. Extra
    1. Geology – Rocks


Writing Piece - “What do you want to do in the future, why and how can EBSS assist?"

  1. Have a pre planned writeup as to why you want to come. (although I'm not sure the exam will be the exact same)



1st – why you want to go – better facilities, teaching, learning environment, curriculum

2nd – how you can help – achievements, academic excellence in stem, traits, qualities, hobbies   

           3rd – What Extended investigation topic that you want to pursue


Jayce’s Writeup example: EBSS 2017 Exam

Paragraph breakdown

  1. What EBSS can help with
  2. How STEM affects my everyday life
  3. Why I want to go – education

[Takes 20minutes to write – I walked into the exam thinking I’d have 25minutes instead, I got 15]

Science is a principal subject towards my future endeavours. It is also a passion which I wish to pursue. This opportunity to attend EBSS can further progress my passion for science. My ambitions are to participate in the creation of cures for some of the world’s deadliest diseases and to also play a part in the fields of engineering, particularly in Robotics engineering. I, myself have always wished to help others, and to me, the best possible way is by using my academic abilities to pursue a pathway which will benefit all. 


The subject of science is one which I use daily, whether for home or school. This practical use came about through the various practical experiments that I did during my science classes. Each experiment, from removing the cuticle of a plant and to dissecting a kidney have filled me with a new bit of knowledge. From the practicals, it has sparked my interest and has enabled me to realise what I want to do in life. Science has impacted me in more ways than one and has allowed for my mind to develop problem-solving skills, particularly towards topics such as mathematics and science. 

Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences can benefit me in multiple ways. One way is by allowing myself to do subjects which I enjoy. My current school does not provide myself with the option to study Extended Investigation and Biology 3&4 in year 11. But, rather it's compulsory to complete Religion and Society in year 11. In no way do I dislike the subject, but I firmly believe that I will be able to excel in the sciences' at EBSS. EBSS can also provide me with a better learning environment and more opportunities which I would enjoy. From the university style of teaching to the freedom given to students, and even the idea of allowing students to study under a scientist, it is clear that EBSS is an institution which would provide me with an enhanced science curriculum and an environment with likeminded people, all of which is not available at my current school. Thus, I would really like to enter EBSS in order to fulfil my desires.

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